A Radiology Team Unlike Any Other…

With combined experience and dedication of over 50 years to Harlan County Health System, our Radiology team has prospered to become one of the most highly-skilled and versatile groups in the field. The Radiology Department at HCHS is staffed with five full-time Registered Radiologic Technologists, whom all graduated from a 2-year Radiology program and have also worked and obtained 4-year Bachelor's degrees as well in their field of practice.

The entire Radiology team is Board Certified in CT (Computed Tomography), trained in general Ultrasound (Sonography), and can also perform DEXA exams (Bone Densitometry), EKG's, General and Portable X-rays, application of Holter Monitoring and Event monitors, Home Sleep Study Equipment, and also manage/operate their PACs system. Also, three of the Technologists are Board Certified in Mammography and one is Board Certified in Bone Densitometry and Quality Management.

The entire department works hard at maintaining their credentials, with ongoing training and continuing education. They are extremely team driven and are passionate about providing the absolute best care experience and service to all patients. 

A staff that is multi-trained and certified in such a variety of modalities is very unique to find in a small, rural hospital. Retaining existing staff is crucial, especially when you have this many modalities within one department that has the knowledge base and training to provide all of these services in a rural community. In his 31 years in hospital administration, Dr. Patrick Auman, CEO, commented, he has "never seen a radiology department where every technologist is trained and proficient with every discipline within the department, extremely rare and impressive!" This is certainly one of many accomplishments that we take pride in here at Harlan County Health System!