Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Now Available at HCHS

Harlan County Health System Announces New Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Harlan County Health System is pleased to announce the starting of a new cardiac rehabilitation program. Cardiac Rehabilitation doesn’t change your past, but can help you improve your heart’s future. This is a customized outpatient program of exercise and education. It is designed to improve your cardiovascular health and help you recover from a heart attack, other forms of heart disease or surgery to treat heart disease.
Exercise, counseling, and training are the three equal parts to a cardiac rehab program. All three are important to one’s recovery and are not always utilized because the availability of these services in a rural community are generally low. Therefore, beginning August 5th, Harlan County Health System will offer these services. This new program will ultimately enhance the quality of our community’s healthcare by offering something that is currently not conveniently located for them.

Through a cardiac rehab program, you can expect to improve your physical fitness by exercising safely, adopt a heart healthy diet, manage other cardiovascular risk factors, and focus on your emotional health and the importance of staying engaged socially.

Harlan County Health System is excited to be able to offer these services to patients and we’d appreciate your support to help build this program.

Monday, August 5, 2019
Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Startup
Harlan County Health System