Harlan County Health System Experiences Phishing Attack

Harlan County Health System (“HCHS”) recently experienced a phishing attack that resulted in emails from an HCHS account being sent to outside individuals.The email included an attachment that contained ransomware.If you received an email from HCHS on January 30, 2020 with an attachment that you were not expecting, we recommend that you do not open it.

HCHS did not suffer a ransomware attack and has no reason to believe any personal health information was involved in the phishing attack.HCHS has no reason to believe that any information (PHI or otherwise) was removed from its system.

HCHS immediately began investigating upon discovery of the phishing incident.It engaged a third-party firm which extinguished the threat and removed it from its system.There is no current risk in accepting emails from HCHS after January 30, 2020.HCHS is currently working with a forensic firm and law enforcement to ensure a thorough analysis of the incident.As more information is obtained, this notice will be updated if appropriate.