HCHS Laboratory Receives New Chemistry Analyzer

HCHS is pleased to announce that our Laboratory Department received a brand-new, state-of-the-art chemistry analyzer machine. The new machine gives us the capabilities to add additional testing for Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, CRP, CK, and Covid antibody testing. We are also now running high sensitivity troponin which will better allow providers to see changes in results of patients suspected of a cardiac event. The new machine requires no downtime during transition because it is the same instrument setup as we had before, just an upgraded version. There is also no added training or time away from patient testing! However, the software is more streamlined, which would allow us to get tech support online through the instrument and its computer rather than waiting for support call backs, causing any downtime due to an instrument issue to be minimal. We have a back-up in place as well with the new blood gas analyzer, which helps with any downtime we may have for general chemistries.

This is just one of many new and exciting things happening to HCHS! “We’re extremely pleased to be able to better our services for our community and surrounding areas to help eliminate the need to travel elsewhere,” stated, Season Kerns, HCHS Lab Director.