Your Partner in
Pain Relief

Your care providers at Harlan County Health System genuinely care about your well-being and access to quality healthcare options. As partners in pain management, HPM shares in caring for residents of Harlan County and surrounding areas.

HPM provides you with the latest advancements in pain management — right here in Alma. Now you no longer need to travel for hours or wait for months to get an appointment elsewhere.


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Harlan County Health System

With HPM, you’ll get an appointment in less than three weeks close to home. We’ll identify the root cause of your pain so we can treat you with the most advanced therapies available.

HPM and Harlan County Health System work together to provide you with:

Certified pain specialists

Reduced wait times and appointments close to home

Personalized treatment plans

Better outcomes

Where Do You Hurt?

The HPM team is a group of qualified medical practitioners who are specially trained in diagnosing and treating chronic pain. HPM thoroughly evaluates your symptoms and listens to the details of your pain story to pinpoint the true source of your pain.

HPM treats many different health conditions that can cause chronic pain, including neck pain, back pain, joint pain, headaches, various forms of arthritis, and a host of other painful conditions.


Where is Your Pain?

The Treatments We Provide

After pinpointing what’s causing your pain, the HPM team uses the most advanced treatments for relieving as much pain as possible and returning your body to normal function.

HPM treats pain using therapies such as nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablations, injections, medications, and other advanced treatments.


The HPM Care Team in Alma, Nebraska

Your HPM care team in Alma, Nebraska, is comprised of highly trained medical professionals — nurses and other qualified practitioners — who partner with your doctor and our hospital staff. They possess the expertise and the equipment to provide as much ongoing relief as possible.

We’re all here together for you. We want you to feel better soon and get you back to doing all the things that bring you joy.