Public Service Announcement – Mask Requirements

Harlan County Health System

Public Service Announcement

May 24, 2021


Subject: CDC Mask Guidance Changes


Recently, the CDC announced updated guidance for individuals who have been fully vaccinated, including the lifting of mask wearing indoors and physical distancing. For information on this guidance, please visit:


However, the CDC still recommends the use of personal protective equipment by healthcare personnel. “This guidance applies to all healthcare personnel while at work and all patients and residents while they are being care for in a healthcare setting,” stated by the CDC.


Per the CDC, “Fully vaccinated healthcare personnel should continue to wear source control while at work. However, fully vaccinated healthcare personnel could dine and socialize together in break rooms and conduct in-person meetings without source control or physical distancing. If unvaccinated healthcare personnel are present, everyone should wear source control and unvaccinated healthcare personnel should physically distance from others.”


For information on healthcare facility guidance, please visit:


Given the recommendations that remain in effect by the CDC, Harlan County Health System is maintaining the following measures for all facilities:

  • All staff working within the facility must wear a healthcare PPE (no cloth) face covering at all times
  • All current signage and postings regarding face coverings are to remain visible and not removed
  • Patients and visitors entering any facility must wear a face covering for source control. For visitors and patients, a cloth mask is appropriate. If a visitor or patient arrives to the healthcare facility without a face covering, a facemask will be provided that must be worn.
  • Any patient who refuses to comply with wearing a face covering will receive a medical screening exam (MSE), and if no emergent condition is present, will be asked to leave.


We will continue to monitor the recommendations and standards set forth by the CDC for healthcare entities and will re-evaluate these requirements on a monthly or more frequent basis.