We Could Not Have Done it Without Him

At the conclusion of Monday night's Board of Trustees meeting, CEO, Dr. Patrick Auman, presented a plaque in honor of Dr. James S. Long for his years of service and dedication to Harlan County Health System. This plaque now resides on our gallery wall in the hospital for all to see as they pass by. We are so grateful for all he's done in order to get us to where we are today!

"Physician, father, mentor, friend, neighbor. These are just some of the many roles that Dr. Long has played within the Harlan County community. He began his legacy as a family medicine physician and now helps oversee Harlan County Health System as a part of The Board of Trustees. Since the beginning, Dr. Long has been an advocate for strengthening health services in rural areas, and has served as a teacher and preceptor to countless medical students and residents. He has truly shown what it takes to build a successful and lasting health system in a rural community, all while raising a wonderful family alongside his wife Joan. In 1955, Dr. Long and partner purchased the Alma Medical Practice and began a forty year legacy of quality medical service and leadership to the community. In 1971, through the perseverance of Dr. Long and his partner, the first clinic was opened in Alma. That clinic served the Harlan County community for nearly 50 years, up until the recent build of the new facility that officially opened in March of last year. In honor of Dr. Long for his years of service, the new Heartland Family Medicine clinic was then dedicated as the Dr. James S. Long Medical Building. And now today, we dedicate this plaque to him as well and officially honor him as Chief of Staff, Emeritus. Although now retired, you have continued to support our health system and see to it that we provide the same quality of healthcare that you did for many years. We are extremely grateful for your dedication to this community, Dr. Long, and we hope to sustain the reputation of a wonderful health system for years to come. Here's to you, Dr. Long!"