The History

Through the guidance and perseverance of Doctors J. S. Long and D. E. Jenny, a Clinic was opened in Alma Monday, May 24th, 1971. That clinic has served the Harlan County region for 44 years. HCHS purchased the Heartland Family Medicine clinic in 2011. At the time of purchase, the Board of Directors knew that they would eventually have to undertake a substantial upgrade project or build a replacement for the Clinic. There has not been a significant update effort since the Clinic opened its doors 45 years ago.

What's Needed

We've been fortunate enough to receive incredible donations over the last few years, but we are still shy of our goal. We need your help in order for us to reach that goal. This project has been a community effort and if we continue to work together, then we can easily accomplish this as a team.

The Solutions

The Harlan County Health System has evaluated a number of options to offset the cost of this project. Further, there is no desire, at any level, to increase taxes to pay for the project. This vital and badly needed Clinic renewal project will be paid for through the proceeds of the “Quality Care… Building on Excellence” Campaign. This capital campaign, designed and conducted by your friends and neighbors, will generate charitable support to offset the costs. We are relying on private donations, grants and other funding alternatives to meet the costs…..eliminating any additional mandated financial obligations to the county and taxpayers.

This approach also allows us to meet our needs without passing the financial burden along to HCHS patients by way of increased charges or fees. A recent review of hospital income sources indicates our revenue is generated primarily through federal reimbursements (Medicare, Medicaid) and other third part entities including federal and private medical insurance programs. This is not an unusual situation in today’s healthcare market, but one of the outcomes is that most of our reimbursement rate is dictated by formulas and not by the actual cost to provide the service or cover operational expenses.

What's Happened...

  • Increased clinic exam rooms from 6 exam rooms to 8 exam rooms for improved Patient/Family services. 
  • The clinic now adheres to current ADA standards which have improved patient accessibility.
  • We upgraded in mechanical and technology services. 
  • We now bring enhanced quality treatment and efficiency to our patients.
  • Enticed new providers to our hospital and area clinics. 
  • The old clinic was 2,520 sq. ft. The new clinic is approx. 6,000 sq. ft. 


For more information on how to give in order to help us in reaching our goal, please contact, Taylor Molzahn, at

P.O.Box 836 | 717 North Brown,

Alma, NE 68920

P. 308-928-3013