Harlan County Health System – New Test Nebraska Location

At this time, there remains to be no COVID-19 cases within Harlan County, and our health system has tested 174 patients. Patients who present to our hospital or clinics will be screened by the State of Nebraska criteria - which includes 8 eligibility testing requirements. Patients who do not meet the State's mandated testing criteria will not be offered a COVID-19 test.

In partnership with the Two Rivers Public Health Department and the State of Nebraska, Harlan County Health System is working to participate in the Test Nebraska program. As a part of this, we will be offering State provided testing at our hospital location only on Thursdays from 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM. This will be the only time that State testing will be offered, and those desiring to be tested must be screened and registered through the Test Nebraska website. 

To register for the Test Nebraska program and be tested at Harlan County Health System, participants must complete the screening assessment AND schedule their testing time through the Test Nebraska website. Walk-p or Drive-up appointments are not available, and each person desiring to be tested must have their own registration code. 

All information on test screening and scheduling for a test can be found at the following website: www.testnebraska.com. The Test Nebraska program can also be reached by telephone at: (402)-207-9377. 

Please remember, the only way to be tested through the Test Nebraska program is to register and schedule your appointment. This is not scheduled or handled by Harlan County Health System. We are just a testing location for the State program.

This information is updated as frequently as we receive it from the Two Rivers Public Health Department and the Test Nebraska program. Thank you and please do your part by social distancing!