HCHS Installing New HVAC System

Our maintenance team has recently been working with Rutt's Heating & Air to get a new HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system installed in our facility! The goal of these systems is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. Along with this system, we're adding two negative pressure rooms, one in the clinic and one in the hospital. In total we will have three negative pressure rooms, as we already have one inpatient room with these capabilities. What is a negative pressure room? Negative pressure rooms, also called isolation rooms, are a type of hospital room that keeps patients with infectious illnesses, or patients who are easily susceptible to infections from others, away from other patients, visitors, and healthcare staff. These rooms have become very necessary within the last year because of covid and by adding two additional rooms, we'll be able to house more patients with health concerns if the need arises.

"We believe this will be a great addition to our facility and will allow us to provide even better care for patients with infectious illnesses and/or allow us to keep our staff, guests, and other patients as safe as possible," stated CEO, Dr. Patrick Auman. This is just another great quality of HCHS and we're so excited for this new addition!